Racing and Coaching

Repeat Racing and Coaching

Do you want to improve your performance on track? Whether you’re a novice and racing on a weekend purely for enjoyment or looking to advance your racing career, then why not invest in a day’s coaching with professional driver Craig Dolby.

The ultimate objective is to get the best out of you and your car. With proven one-to-one based driver tuition in your race car at any circuit across the world.

Every driver wants to improve on their lap times and Craig can assist you with this, safely, whilst ensuring both you and the car are at their best limits.

Included in your one to one:

  • Correct positioning of the car
  • Understanding weight transfer and the effects on handling
  • Correcting and understanding of oversteer and understeer
  • Balance of the car – When to apply power and ultimate corner speed
  • The racing line for dry and wet conditions
  • When, how hard to brake and the technique of trail braking into the apex
  • The importance of looking through the corner
  • Knowledge of individual circuits and the little nuggets of information through years of experience.